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ItaSaku - Protect - Chapter 4
Chapter Four
Itachi woke with a start as he heard a stick snap from someone stepping on it somewhere. Quickly he jumped up and kunai in hand his eyes turned red. He'd find whoever it was with his sharingin. He moved to the mouth of the cave and looked around himself. He started to smile because he suddenly knew who it was the stepped on the stick.
"You can come out now Kakashi." He said to a tree.
Kakashi suddenly jumped down and scoffed at Itachi. "How is that you always know that I'm here?" He asked.
"My sharingin."
"Of course Itachi. Why do I keep forgetting when you tell me every time I see you?"
"Well then this time you should actually remember as I don't plan on repeating myself about again if I have told you so many times." He look closely at Kakashi and asked him, "Did you go to see Sakura?"
Kakashi nodded and replied, "I rubbed her belly with a cream that will help with her cravings and morning sickness. Plus she's most likely asleep on the couch right now."
"Good. Thank you K
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ItaSaku - Protect - Chapter 3
Chapter three
Not much later Sasuke was sitting on Sakura's couch while she made an infusion to take away the pain that she was going to inflict on him. She pulled the needle out of the ice bucket and got some flesh wire to stitch up Sasuke wound. It was a small cut but it was deep and it would add to countless scars he already had. Sitting down next to him, Sakura spread some for the paste infusion onto his would numbing the skin around it. Pushing the needle into his skin she made loose stitches just to hole the skin together so she could heal it. She put her hand over the wound and a green light came from her finger tips. Slowly the skin melded together again leaving only a faint scar.
Sakura sighed and looked at Sasuke, his eyes were glazed as thought he wasn't really all there.
"Ok Sasuke." She said pulling him out of his daydream. "Now tell me what happened?"
Sasuke seemed like he was deciding if it was safe to tell her or not. He must have decided it was because after a wile he
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 78 16
ItaSaku Protect - Chapter two
Chapter two
He ran smoothly along the roofs of the Houses of Konoha with the image in his mind of his wedding to Sakura if he survived the task ahead of him. They weren't good to have right now, he couldn't be distracted from his mission like last time when he saved his brother, Sasuke from Orochimaru, and Sakura had insisted on coming. She got injured and Itachi had suddenly felt what it was like to feel fear for another person's life. He had saved her and Sasuke, but his heart was to be forever affected when he was faced with the possibility of losing her to Orochimaru's handy-work. He banished those thoughts from his mind and set it to his task at hand, to find Orochimaru, and kill him. He had failed last time he met Orochimaru because he was too focused on other things. But now reunited with Konoha, and almost a husband to a resident of Konoha, and also almost a father, the new Hokage, Naruto, who was still a child at heart Itachi thought, a smile playing at his lips, had told him
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 130 12
ItaSaku Protect - Chapter one
"Life is the journey before death." She informed him.
"But life is also a destination itself Sakura." He shot back at her.
"Maybe but right now I can't see any destination for you, except death, if you continue on this journey Itachi." Sakura was almost shouting now.
"Stop trying to manage me Sakura!" Itachi now was shouting. "I have to do this and not you or Naruto or Kakashi, not even Sasuke can stop me!"
"Now you just sound like Sasuke." She whispered, shrinking back from him as he rose to his full height. "I love you Itachi, I can't lose you."
"I'm never sure if it's me you love or the fact that I'm Sasuke's brother." He towered above her looking down at her. She was older than she was when they first meet but she hadn't gained much height in the last ten years.
"I love you Itachi." She said firmly, commanding her voice to be steady even though she was shaking uncontrollably.
He finally gave in, he extended his hand and cupped her cheek pulling her chin up to look into her eyes. He
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 164 43
ITASAKU: Infection by xcry ITASAKU: Infection :iconxcry:xcry 475 35
SakuGaa-Help Me Love
A girl with long pink hair and deep emerald eyes was walking to the edge of town. The sun was out and the birds were singing but she felt so sad that day. She was going to the sand village to heal the wounded and get some R&R. She was halfway there when someone called her name.
“Sakura!! Sakura wait!”
She turned around to see a boy her age with shiny spiky blond hair, big blues orbs for eyes, and faded whisker marks on his cheeks. “Hey Naruto. Is there something I can help you with?”
The boy had finally caught up to her. He grins one of his usual fox grins. “Not really Sakura just I wanted to see you before you go. How long are you supposed to be  gone?”
“I think Tsunade said I will be over there for 5-6 months.” Sakura continues to walk and Naruto follows.
“Oh man really? Your going to be gone for so long.” A pout crosses his face.
“Ya but no worried I will be back as soon as im done.” They arrive at the gate leadin
:iconchibisakurachan:ChibiSakuraChan 33 25
SakuGaa-Help Me Love 4
Gasping for air Sakura pulled away staring slightly in awe at the boy in front of her. She looked at his slightly red lips that shone with what looked like her lip gloss. His eyes seemed softer now and the most amazing thing was that he was giving her a small smile. She had never thought in her wildest dreams that Gaara would smile even more so at her. Sasuke’s cold expressionless face flashed in her mind making her feel weak and ignorant. Sasuke gave notice to her and never gave the smallest notion that he cared for her like she did him. She was thinking of a spring afternoon much like today when she and Sasuke were alone…
-----------------------------------Flash Back------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
“Stop your whining. Your just like the rest of them.” Sasuke’s tone was harsh and annoyed.
“B-but sas-Sasuke-Kun I really do. And I will never stop.” tears were streaming down her cheeks like small river
:iconchibisakurachan:ChibiSakuraChan 28 56
A New Life- GaaSaku oneshot
As he listened to the 17 year old girl tell him she was pregnant and that it was his child.  He couldn’t take it as he fell to the ground and thought about all the things cwould never be able to do now that he was about to be a father and a husband.  He knew that it would be unfair to not be there; he wouldn’t do the same thing that his dad did to him and his mother.
Well a few years later Gaara watched his 4 year old son walk up the stairs with Mr. Bear thumping along on the stairs behind him.  "Wait." Minoru yelled running back down the steps. "Dad, I forgot the most important thing!" he yelled tripping and falling right into Gaara's strong, ready arms.  Gaara gave a silent, little laugh, "what did you forget, Minoru?"  The small boy turned to his dad and kissed him on the nose. "Love you daddy," he giggled in Gaara's ear. Then began walking back up the steps, still with Mr. Bear right behind him.  Sakura watched h
:iconkakas-kub:kakas-kub 16 53
GaaSaku- Not Sasuke
Not Sasuke
Sakura’s eyes shot open in the dark room.  She realized the images around her were blurred by the fact that her eyes were damp with tears.  Her hand stroked across her eyes slowly making them clearer.  When she looked around the room she finally remembered she was in Suna.  The sound of Naruto shifting to her right confirmed that she was indeed on a mission in the sandy village.  Sakura wondered if she had woken her teammate, but he grunted and mumbled something about ramen so she figured he was undisturbed.  
She stood and made her way sleepily to the large windows of the tower her team was occupying.  Placing her hand on the cool glass she tried to remember what had happened in her sleep to wake her.  As she gazed over the sleeping desert one word came to her mind, 'Sasuke' Just his name made her emerald eyes sting, she slid them shut to keep any more tears from falling. 'I've lived withou
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